Working Method

At Masterclass English we pride ourselves with your success. We ensure you the highest quality in all aspects of our dealings with you. We are committed to achieving with you the standards you require, effectively and efficiently. 
To serve you in the best possible way, we apply the following work method:

Intake assessment:
During our thorough intake, we discuss with you what your requirements and objectives are and assess the level of each participants on the following characteristics:

  • Participant knowledge of the grammar
  • Participant speaking skills
  • Participants writing skills (where required)

Training plan:
Based on the results of the assessment we will draw a plan tailored to answer your needs in the most efficient way. We will present you with an evaluation of the level of each participants and our expert analysis on how to reach your objectives in the most satisfactory way.

We will provide you with a detailed written proposal stating clearly all the aspects of the training that need to be considered. Once agreed upon, the course will be delivered.

We will provide each participant with the right study materials at the beginning of the course. The trainer will monitor the progress of the participants so that the pace of learning can continuously be adjusted. During the course, we will regularly assess with you if the progress is taking place according to your requirement.

End evaluation:
Together with your trainer, you will evaluate the objectives attained during the training. We will provide you with an individual evaluation of the progress of each participant and give you advice on how to maintain the acquired knowledge.