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About Masterclass Academy of Languages B.V.

Masterclass Academy of Languages B.V. was founded by Frank Hawken in 2007. Frank was born in North Wales in 1973 and moved to The Netherlands in 1994. Within 2 years he had learned Dutch at B2 level and quickly reached C2 level, speaking it full-time and thinking in a foreign language for the first time in his life. When Dutch people told him that they that thought he was Dutch and could not hear that he was Welsh, he realised the importance of language ability and how your language level is connected to a learner’s identity. This experience helped him to understand that a learner’s ability in a foreign language determines the success you can achieve when using the language.

Frank decided to study English under Professor Odin Dekkers and was soon teaching British literature to undergraduates. He received his First Class Honours Master’s degree in 2006 ‘Summa Cum Laude’. The title of his thesis was: “Coming home to Different Spaces: Dylan Thomas, Nationalism and national identity” and was awarded the final mark of 9.5.

Having considered an academic career, he decided to pursue the passion that he had ignited during his time at university: teaching.

In 2007, Frank moved to Rotterdam. He soon began teaching English in corporations, institutions and schools. Because the quality of English language learning in Rotterdam was at a low standard at that time, Frank decided to ask Cambridge English Assessment and the British Council to partner up with him and set up a Cambridge Examination Centre in Rotterdam. They agreed.

Since 2007, Masterclass Academy of Languages B.V. has grown into the largest and most established Cambridge examination Centre in South Holland while we train more than 900 students per annum all over the country, from Nijmegen to the Hoek of Holland and from Breda to Groningen for business purposes and for the Cambridge examinations

Your ability when using a foreign language determines your success.

Our strength as a language school is that we understand this fact.


  • From 1 JULY (online) or 15 JULY & 5 AUGUSTUS (classical)
  • From 2, 4 or 10 weeks
  • Small groups
  • All levels
  • NT2
  • Business Dutch
  • Classical
  • Focus on speaking skills
  • Expert native trainers
  • Nowhere more cost-effective
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Masterclass Academy of Languages BV

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