Individual or Group Training?

People learn Dutch in Rotterdam in diverse ways; a Dutch course in Rotterdam that supports diversity in language learning is what is then required to support the individual language learning requirements of our learners.

We offer both group Dutch courses and individual Dutch courses in Rotterdam

Both these training formats have advantages:

  1. Our individual Dutch courses are the most flexible option. This format allows you to schedule the training when and as frequently as you wish, focusing on the sort of language that is most relevant to your life and career. For this reason, an individual training is more suitable for training you in the more nuanced or specialised language requirements. This includes professional jargon as in Human Resources, Sales, Project Management, Financial or technical services, IT, Consultancy, and off-shore employment in different sectors. This format also takes account of your schedule and can either intensify or slow the tempo of the training, according to your requirements. If you need to go on a business trip or need to be trained intensively in the language for your next important business meeting, this training can shift gears to meet your wishes and requirements so you can achieve your goals.
  2. Our group courses for Dutch involve learning with other non-native speakers who are at the same level. Group trainings teach you effective listening and speaking skills during the interactive group sessions. In this way, you get used to the different accents and ways of using the language from other learners while becoming trained in responding to spontaneous situations that demand you to ‘think’ in the language. Group trainings offer excellent controlled practice for real-life group situations that you experience in your social life or in your work.