Learn Dutch Rotterdam

Living in the region of Rotterdam and looking for a way to learn dutch? Masterclass Dutch provides you with the ideal solution. We offer high quality group courses and individual courses in order to improve your dutch.

Why would you learn dutch?
If you live and / or work in the Netherlands, mastering the dutch language is a must in order to be succesfull. You have to be able to understand the language, both spoken and written and make yourself understandable.

Why take one of our courses?
Masterclass Dutch guarantees you will achieve your goals. If you don’t succeed in getting your certificate, you will get your money back. We have a tailor-made approach: together, we determine your own learning goals. You can choose if you want to learn dutch trough our group courses in the city centre of Rotterdam, or trough individual lessons, which can take place at our location our by Skype.

Individual courses are fully specified to your goals, whether it is speaking, reading, writing or listening you want to improve. Our group courses are available on different levels from beginner to advanced. Each course consists of 10 lessons of 2 hours, once a week. After each lesson you will receive up to 4 hours homework. All language skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking will be discussed.

How can you register?
Registering yourself is simple: You can take our online test to check your current level of Dutch. We will give you a call to talk about your goals and wishes. Of course you can always contact us at our Rotterdam office for more information.